Misaky.Tokyo Crystal Treats Look Incredibly Unique

image of open box of Misaky.Tokyo crystal treats



Misaky.Tokyo makes crystal treats which are high-end luxury sweets. They make these edible crystals from seaweed. They are high in fiber and can lower cholesterol. Each one is handmade and takes a week for the flavors to condense.

The flavors include matcha; yuzu, yuzu peel; lavender; hibiscus, cranberry; passion fruit, dragon fruit; and butterfly pea, lavender, mango. The flavors are just the right level of sweetness and are all natural. My favorites are the Red Beryl, which is flavored with hibiscus and cranberry, and the Ruby, which is flavored with passion fruit and dragon fruit.

These edible crystals would make a great gift because they are beautiful and delicious, and since they are vegan and gluten-free, everyone can enjoy them.

The box opens in a geometric pattern so that the individually wrapped crystals are easily displayed. Misaky.Tokyo crystals are crunchy on the outside and have a gummy-like texture on the inside, which makes them crack when you bite them. So satisfying!  They look elegant and are certainly a step above regular candy.

The crystal treats are an excellent gift for any foodie. If you know someone who is into sweets and you want to get them something different, Misaky.Tokyo Crystal Treats might be just the treat for them.