Sexy Leggings For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and ladies we need to be ready.  Our writer was treated to yoga pants made for sex – Srirachas Leggings.  We all have a favorite pair of yoga pants at home.  We can’t wait to put them on after a long day at the office or being a mom taxi cab.  These pants have an awesome secret that no one will know unless you tell them.  They have this opening (yup; you can guess where it is…but no matter what angle you look at them, you simply cannot see it.  They are similar to other high quality pants with a super smoothing wide waistband that will have you both totally comfy and in a more flattering light.  The have this soft, fleecy lining on the inside that will keep you both cozy and warm.  They are rayon on the outside, so they have this nice smooth look.  If you are running around all day like me, you will adore the smart, hidden pocket on the waistband perfect for your license, credit card or even a condom!  You can actually purchase them in both boot cut and legging options.  The cost, no matter the style is just under $70.00.

Now back to the secret; you legit don’t have to take off your pants for some adult fun.  You don’t have to deal with annoying snaps/buttons/zippers – you just pull open the flap and you are ready.  When you are all done, just fold the flap back into position and this feature is invisible to the outside world once again.

These are a creative and practical must for February 14th!