Living Loudly Kids Apparel

Living Loudly is a line of t-shirts designed with creative and fun loving kids in mind.  Started by parents that were trying to find better for the their kids and cut down on the daily struggle of getting a kid dressed, Living Loudly is has vibrant tees and are soon adding pants and shorts as well.  The shirts are incredibly soft (I’m jealous!) and are bamboo infused, so they are very durable and help the wearer stay cooler and drier while playing hard on the playground.  They have the tags printed on the fabric, so there are no complaints about itchy tags bothering the neck.  The fit is perfect, and the fabric is breathable and stretchy for added comfort.  The colors are bright and playful.  And the characters imprinted on each shirt are whimsical and fun, definitely unique and a big hit for boys and girls alike.

The t-shirts are high quality and definitely worth it, but Living Loudly doesn’t stop there.  Each t-shirt comes in a biodegradable dinosaur printed container that is sturdy and can be reused to store some of childhood’s treasures.  You also get a short story about the character on your shirt to add to the excitement.  The story is printed on wildflower paper with instructions on how to plant and grow your own wildflowers, so you get a fun family activity as well as a conversation starting t-shirt.  Living Loudly understands what it is to be a parent and made sure to fully think out all the aspects of what could make getting a new t-shirt even more exciting.

To order your own Living Loudly t-shirt for your child, or as a gift this holiday season, check out

PS- while on the website, check out the helpful and very relevant parent workshops they offer on different topics such as loving your post-baby body, teaching gratitude, and building emotional intelligence.  Parenting doesn’t come with an instructional manual, so connecting and learning with other parents is always nice!