I.C.O.N hair products have gone to a new and exciting level in men’s hair-care.  “Mr. A” combines what we need in a hair product with today’s alpha male.  Inspired by co-founder Jorge Rubin’s father, this line is the new “barbershop experience” and my husband was thrilled to try the products out.  Mr. A shampoo contains “Procapil” which aids in strength and protection from hair loss.  “Elixir” (my husband was a fan of this product in seconds) is a leave in treatment that has one goal: to keep your hair thick and dense; no room for hair loss here!  You simply apply after washing and leave in to do its magic.  Mr. A “Cream” is great for a medium level hold.  The hubby said it lasted all day.  For a stronger hold with mold and flex try out “Clay”.  In the world of gel products, “Translucent” guarantees strong and elasticized hold, while if you desire a wet look, you will love “Gelatin”.  The man in your life can now have the perfect men’s hair product experience you would only get in the salon in the comfort of his own home.  Please visit http://www.iconsalon.com for more information on I.C.O.N’s philosphy, products for men and women (there are so many great products for the whole family and who’s hair care needs all vary) as well as for salon information so you can pick some products up for your home.


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