Finchberry Soap = Luxurious Lather!

Is there someone on your list that deserves a little pampering?!?  That was a trick question; of course you do.  Think moms, grandmas, aunts, teachers, friends, PTA – you name the place your carpool goes and there are 10 people you are talking to that are in desperate need of the “VIP treatment”.

I just got the awesome opportunity to test out luxurious soaps from Finchberry and I couldn’t be happier.  This company the bees knees; they offer an array of specialty soaps (even available by the slice!), sugar scrubs, salt soaks, body washes, hand creams and more!  Each item is such good quality you would swear you were a queen!  The company offers holiday options like “merry finchberry” (peppermint aroma) and “wonderland” (pine aroma). Their gift sets will have you crossing off everyone on your list 1-2-3.  You can make up boxes of 2/4 soaps of your choice or even a tin with 6!  Oh; and while you are buying for family and friends grab a bunch in bulk for yourself.  I am flat out telling you that you will never buy a different bar of soap again in your life.  These soaps are gluten free, vegan and not made with anything harsh.  The lather is so soft and gentle.  I honestly can smell the fantastic scent for much of the day.

Please check them out and cross more people off your list!  You will LOVE these soaps!

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