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Who has hair they don’t want? Who has hair they are trying to hide from the world on a daily basis?  Nair has come a looonnngg way and I adore how some of their new products are truly changing my life.  Their Nourish Shower Power with Japanese cherry blossom and rice bran oil is so super great at getting the job done quick.  I basically applied using the attached sponge to my DRY hairy leg (LOL), waited like 5 minutes (don’t go over 10!) and then removed in the shower while using the side of the sponge with the bumps.  Then you rinse your skin and you are smooth and free of hair.

Nourish Sprays Away cream holds the same blossom and oil extracts and is such a great solution to ditching the razor.  You literally spray on, sit around 4 minutes and wipe off with a sponge.  Finally rinse in the shower.  Couldn’t be easier and my legs are so so smooth!

Their Wax Ready Strips actually blew my mind.  These were made for me: no prep, no rubbing and it takes like two seconds.  These are totally portable (you could do it anywhere but maybe not at a concert).  Press the strip in place firmly and pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth.  Viola: all those little facial hairs you deny having are actually gone without a trip to the salon.  They make them for the face/bikini areas as well as for leg/body.

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