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I am so super excited to tell you guys about Chi Tea Tree Oil hair products!  I suffer constantly from a dry and sometimes itchy scalp and quite honestly I see many hair products in this line of work but it is like this entire line was made literally for me.  I started out with the line’s shampoo and conditioner and was instantly in love.  They were both totally light weight and smelled so fresh of tea tree and peppermint.  A few days later I substituted their “revitalizing masque” for regular conditioner and I have to say this is like a spa treatment at home.  I basically massaged the product from root to tip and then rinsed with cold water.  Instant smooth, silky hair without the feeling of itch and burn I am so used to.  Now my three new best friends are the day-to-day additions to this fantastic line of scalp products.  I use a few drops of “tea tree serum” to my scalp and I know we are saying goodbye to dryness and the flaky mess.  I actually carry their “soothing scalp spray” with me in my tote because it is instant relief from itching and irritation between washings.  Oh and after washing before styling I have been checking out “blow dry primer lotion” which actually protects my scalp from the thermal damage and dryness in the first place.  Products range in price from $16-30.

Each of these items are pure luxury and smell delicious.  I am finally on the path to a happier scalp!  Please explore the line for yourself:

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