New Covid Protection For Your Family

Unfortunately this pandemic just won’t go away and I am always on the look out for new items to protect my family.  Here are a few items you may want to grab up as well:

Nasal Guard: This is an amazingly convenient airborne particle blocker.  Very simple; tiny tube (fits in your purse/pocket etc) and all you do is apply along the inside of your nose to reduce inhalation of virus particles, pet dander, pollen and more allergens!  All you need is a tiny little dab of this product to help get rid of 1000’s of particles trying to get through into your respiratory track.  Each tube is just under $15 and will give you about 150 applications.  Up to 6 hours of protection.  Think work, school, shopping, airplanes etc!

Air Queen Masks: these are great masks that are light and super comfortable.  They are individually wrapped and equivalent to N95 styple use.  You actually will not believe it; they are lighter than a sheet of paper but are approved for medical use!  I wear a mask at work all day so I am adoring this new, comfortable option.  You can purchase (2) for $7.50, (5) for $15.00 or even bulk quantities for your office/school!  Check them out!

Mouse Loves Pig Kit + Toy Face Masks: Our poor children have to wear their masks all day at school and activities and they really are doing great.  Why not make it fun for them with these great mask options that their favorite doll or stuffed animal can wear to match them!  These are comfortable, breathable fabric masks for ages 2-10.  For $14.99 you can pick out a cute print for your child and their favorite stuffed friend.  They really fit the shape of a child’s face well so no slipping, bunching or irritations here.  So many adorable prints and it will be so much less scary if their favorite sidekick has one as well.  You can also purchase a single kid’s mask in an array of styles for $11.99.  Check them out (Valentine’s Day prints too!)

Evo Arc Masque: this is another new favorite of mine for the office.  This mask is beyond soft and comfortable and provides anti-microbial protection.  The arc shape helps out with free breathing/talking and I find the ear loops perfect for all day use.  You can wash them easily in your machine and reuse over and over.  The cost is $20.99 and completely worth it.  The company also has awesome face scarf options as well has really reliable sun/cold weather protection for all your favorite hobbies!  Check them out for some many great options!