WandaVision has a New Extended Cut


Disney just released an extended clip of the latest episode of Wandavision and it totally takes the show and brings it to another level.  Wandavision is our families latest obsession and after only three episodes they’re again turning things on the head.

If you’ve been watching every week, you’ve seen that Wanda is in this world of black and white TV which fans theorizes reflects the tv shows she watched in her youth.  This was the entirety of her universe and everybody loved it for that.

This week, BOOM.  One of the “characters” on the show are now shown in “real life” trying to enter this energy force bubble.

If you’ve not watched this series, it’s one of those things that really has to be seen to be understood. Well you’ll never understand it but it’s unbelievably it’s own thing.  It’s basically a show unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Believe me, I will be watching this episode the second I get out of work with my entire family staring at the TV.

Have you been watching Wandavision? What do you think? Is it no the most creative show you’ve ever seen in like… forever?

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