New Frosted Flakes Flavors!

Frosted Flakes
Frosted Flakes

I swear I’ll deny it in my house but I buy sugary cereals for myself.  I pretend it’s a “treat” for the kids but it just isn’t. Who doesn’t LOVE Tony the Tiger and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes—if you say you don’t I really can’t ever talk to you again.  These sweet delicious flakes are made from corn that they roll into flakes.  They are cooked, dried, toasted, and then coated in sugar sweetness!

I personally enjoy the original Frosted Flakes cereal all the time but just got so excited to try out their new flavors available now!  Their Strawberry Milkshake is so, so yummy.  It has this great fruity flavor and fun fact, the milk turns pink!  My little princess loved that at dessert time last night.    Is chocolate your thing?  Do not worry—they have Chocolate Frosted Flakes that combines cocoa and vanilla and yup…chocolate milk at the end!  My son loves this one and it’s kind of a great way to get the calcium from the milk into his little body without him really “knowing.” Finally, my FAVORITE that we tried out this week is their Cinnamon French Toast.  Okay, this is just fabulous and I ran out and bought two more boxes.  I simply cannot run out.  This is brown sugar and maple syrup with warm cinnamon spice.  It is like the perfect treat for the end of your day;  or quite honestly a great way to start the day!

They have other options as well such as Frosted Flakes with Marshmallows and their cereal bars. Really,  just go to the store and grab like the whole shelf.

Check these new options out!