People’s Choice Beef Jerky Review

peoples choice jerky
peoples choice jerky

How about a new snack option you are sure to love.  How about real, handcrafted beef jerky that doesn’t have any garbage in it.  No junk and no fillers. Yup… hard to believe yet we have it, we tried it and we love it. People’s Choice Beef Jerky – family-owned and operated since 1929.  Same traditional taste and quality.  Same handmade process.  Now you can have it easily delivered right to your front door.

We received a great sampler box that we tried out this past week.  So many great options so there is a flavor for every taste bud.

Old Fashioned: just simple aged beef jerky done correctly.  You can choose between Original and Hot and Spicy.  We liked both.  Original has this salt/pepper/steak-like quality.  Hot and Spicy adds a kick of crushed red pepper flakes.

Carne Seca:  This traditional Mexican beef jerky brings bold flavors to the table.  You can try Limon Con Chile (really good with citrus meets chile bite) and Hatch Green Chile (smoky chili meets vinegar).  Both are very good and very different.  Machaca Jerky Chew is finely shredded jerky salt and pepper flavored.

Beef Sticks: These are 100% USA beef sticks.  Flavor options include Sea Salt & Pepper, Flamin’ Hot, and Sweet Teriyaki.  The Sea Salt & Pepper are very good.  These are a great and convenient snack (perfect for the midday slump).  Hubby liked the Flamin’ Hot.  Super spicy combo of Jalapeno, Cayenne, and Habanero peppers.

Check out People’s Choice Beef Jerky – maybe try one of their sampler boxes.  You can also subscribe and save so you never run out.