Top Unique Hot Sauces of 2021


I am addicted to hot sauces but find that most times, hot sauces are basically just hot. They’re an intense heat with not much else.  Even the flavor of a traditional Frank’s Buffalo sauce seems to amplify the heat to the point of death and reduce the flavor in tandem.


We decided to make a list of unique hot sauces that aren’t only about the heat.


African Dream


It’s already amazing in that it supports wildlife in Africa, but I love that these flavors are quite unique. My by far favorite had to be the fermented barbeque that you see in the photo.  This is definitely a great gift for somebody whose tried every usual type of hot sauce. My only regret is not trying them all.


Fury Hot Sauce

How is this for a back story? Born in the pandemic in the Antilles to a multi-cultural family.  But for the unique factor, check out their Pineapple Yardie.  A bit of a taste of the Antilles instantly with that hot and pineapple mix.


Hot N Saucy


Ummm, Beet N Fresno and Sweet Potato N Habanero? Yes, please.  These are flavors that keep that southern flair and fit the theme I’m going for here.  Hot, unique. And can I just say that I love the logo here? Plus, I’d love to give them bonus points for basically being one of the coolest-looking logos and them.



Kyvan Foods  makes hot sauce but they also make other foods so it’s a nice unique, one stop shopping.  Former NFL Star Reggie Kelly makes up the recipes and now they have a product line from hot sauce to salsa to even honey apple butter as you see in the photo.

Plus it all follows that soul food flair so it’s a nice and different take on the hot sauce theme.

Sauce Bae

How unique is Turmeric Hot Sauce? I mean, I’ve tried being healthy by eating turmeric and I can say that this is a great way to add a little turmeric into my life. Plus I love doing Indian cooking so this is a great hot sauce that can match some of that Indian cuisine.


Lola’s Hot Sauce

Lola’s has a gift pack that includes an overview of all of their products.  I liked that each one gave you a straight taste of that particular pepper but the Trinidad Scorpion basically scared me. But Lola means grandma so you can’t be too scared.   Their products ship everywhere and this gift set is a great every where.




I’ve never had avocado hot sauce and now that I learned it’s a thing, I feel that it needs to be added to my guacamole every time I make it. it has that creamy taste of guacamole, but a heck of a nice kick.  And it’s so different from any hot sauce that I’ve tasted, it’s definitely a welcome change.