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In this busy world of shuffling children all over the earth, who has time for attending the game let alone tailgating before it? I have to be honest, while the thrill of a live game is second to none, I truly enjoy a football Sunday at my home with the hubby and kids.  I prepare traditional football food and we all get to relax.  The true American dream.  I was thrilled to give some of NFL’s “Homegating” products a try!   It has been a super fun experience!  The “Touchdown Pro Football-shaped cutting board” was much-needed addition to my kitchen for chopping the prep for my family’s favorite chili.  The board is 100% bamboo, is shaped like a football and has this wonderful carved in “moat” that prevents juices from running off.  This is truly wonderful quality and has your favorite team’s logo right on the front!  This is the perfect gift for any culinary / football fan and perfectly priced around $55.00.   Next up is my adorable team kitchen towel and potholder set.  These are high quality and have bold coloring and floral scalloping.  They are almost too pretty to use.  The towel looks perfect hanging from my stove; my favorite team and a great addition to my decor.  The set is priced around $25.00.  A terrific compliment to the set is the damask apron to protect my clothes while preparing my football foods!  The pretty, feminine pattern combines your favorite team logo with some girlie style.  The apron is machine washable and ruffled in all the right places.  A great gift for any mommy fan prices around $30.00.  Finally, my supply desk has a new fun stapler from Swingline.  The stapler is 100% metal and jam free!  This means neither of my children can break it like the stapler’s before.  Easy to use, easy to load and my favorite team logo!  The Swingline stapler is available at major retailers and on This is a great stationary item for anyone ($35.00).

The home-gating line doesn’t end there.  Please visit for more information, more fantastic items for the NFL enthusiast in your home and of course to make a purchase.  My family has team spirit and now my home does as well!

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