Nomad Power Products

Perfect for the father in your life or anyone who uses their smartphones and is constantly on the go are the wonderful products from Nomad.  They truly are the “Power People”.
Where has the “Nomad Clip” been my entire life.  This carabiner clip is simply like no other.  This guy has a built-in Micro USB cable or Apple Lightening cable; whether you are charging your phone or your tablet you will have the power right at your finger tips.  Apple Lightening is compatible with iPhones 5/6/6 plus, iPad Mini (all generations), iPad (Generation 4 and up)and iPod Touch (5th Generation and up).  The Micro USB works with your Android, Blackberry Windows Phone, Tablets, GPS, etc.  The clip is made from reinforced stainless steel and is super lightweight.  I actually like the sleek look our key ring has now.  All while making sure I have the extra help and tools to get through our hectic work day.  Nomad Clip retails for $35.95-$39.95.

Nomad Plus; now this battery is simply the smartest around.  This lightweight and tiny little miracle square adds 1800mAh battery for your on the go charging needs.  This literally fits your Apple wall plug inside it; you charge your phone with the cable like normal but this time it will automatically charge up your internal back up battery.  Consider it an extra cool boost of power! Completely affordable at $39.95; run out and buy this for dads, grads, friends, teachers anyone who loves apps and their device as much as you do!

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