Novels By Marcus Tallberg

We all need some down time no matter how old we are.  Some time off of the phones, apps, emails etc.  I notice all the time how over stimulated my teenagers are.

I was so happy to receive a shipment of books by Author Marcus Tallberg.  Mr. Tallberg is a young, Swedish entrepreneur who is dedicated to important topics like mental illness, minorities, sexuality and gender identity.  These could be great and important options for your next “family book”.  I know I like to read relevant topics with my kids so we all stay connected to what is going on in their lives around them.  Here is what we are checking out:

Being Alice by Marcus Tallberg: Alice has been called Oliver since the day she was born.  She wants to break free from the lie that has basically been her life.  When Alice meets her fairy godmother “Ursula Undress” she begins the journey to truly become herself.

My Queer Teen Life by Marcus Tallberg: this book takes place in Sweden’s most boring town.  Mattias is fifteen and a homosexual who has never told anyone.  A Stranger opens his door to love and all the “firsts”.  The good, the bad and the ugly of falling in love.  This is a book of experiencing love, trust and friendship.

Shattered Glass by Marcus Tallberg: this book is the autobiographical story of the life experiences of Marcus Tallberg.  Mikael and his friend experience all the painful experience that can come from love, family and friendships.

The Orphan by Marcus Tallberg: this is Tallberg’s latest novel that came out this past February.  The planet is toxic and the worlds remaining superpowers have united as “Ela”, a planet nation governed by President Daegal.  Characters Freija and Embla are drafted for service and learn just how far the government will go to preserve the secrets of Ela.  This is book one of what will be a great trilogy of fantasy literature.

Check all of these great options out!