Makeup for me just got super easy and I have to share it with you so you scoop it up as well!  Nudestix are amazingly simply makeup crayons that are basically 3-in-1 lip liner, lip stick and cream blush.  Models/Creators Ally and Taylor along with their mother a chemical engineer with years in the beauty business feel your makeup look should be simply to apply; as nude as possible with just enough color to keep you glowing and fresh.  These are actually music to my ears because I wear very minimal make up and it is super refreshing to dump out my overwhelming bag of compacts, bottles and brushes and just tote around my Nudestix.  “Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencils” come in 8 shades (5 nude and 3 berry); I absolutely love “entice”, “purity”, “kiss”, “tamed” and “belle” for my everyday head to the office look while “raven”, “stiletto” and “royal” are great for my night out with friends.  Super easy to apply; line your lips and fill them.  For cheeks run a line through your cheek and rub in with your fingers.  They cost around $24.00.  Try their “Gel Color Lip and Cheek Balm” for a more wet look; same process as the “intense matte”.  These lighten my tote bag while keeping my face glowing and bright!  For more info please head over to:




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