Old Spice Back to School

The men in our lives also deserve their good amount of pampering don’t they?!?
We are always stocking up on our lady spa products so I was so happy to get to treat the men in my house to some awesome smelling bath/body products from Old Spice.  These are classic smells for your body/hair/beard etc.

Here is what we are loving:

Swagger Body Wash: this is a lime/cedarwood real man scent.  This is going to tackle all the smells – dirt/order/fresh from the locker room/gym type of man BO we are all dealing with in our homes.

Clinical Pure Sport Plus Antiperspirant Deodorant: this is 5 in 1 protection.  I was so happy to toss this at my teenage son and tell him to “never leave home without it”.  You are talking 72 hours of protection here.  It goes on smooth, is very gentle on sensitive skin and smells like lemons/limes.

Swagger Body Spray: the icing on the cake as your man leaves the house.  The scent is just amazing as I mentioned before.  It fights body odor so you stay “smelly” free all day.  You can stick this in your gym bag, work tote or even glove compartment very easily so you are never without this amazing product!

Please check them out!  So many great men’s body items here to choose from!