Trick Or Treaters Will Love Red Vine

I can’t walk into a store at this time of year without buying candy.  I always buy too much and say “it is for the Trick Or Treaters” but in reality some of it is just me buying candy.

Here are a few awesome options we are checking out and want to share with all of you!

Sour Punch Candy: 

Twists:  They are soft and chewy sweet and sour candies.  They come in flavors like blue raspberry, cherry, strawberry and apple.  Perfect for that mid-day slump pick me up.  I love the cute Halloween wrapping but you can get these all year as well!  They are also individually wrapped which is super awesome in this germy world we are currently living in.

Straws: These are super awesome “drinking straw” shaped sweet/sour candies (blue raspberry, fruit punch, grape, rainbow, strawberry).  The Halloween “Spooky Straws” pictured above come in limited edition flavors (Apple, Grape, Tangerine).

Red Vines:  These are your classic licorice twists available in original red, black, grape and strawberry.  For Halloween this year they offer this pretty cool “candy corn” option.  We are really liking them; such a cool fall treat!  If you prefer a non-GMO option with natural flavor and only 100 calories per serving check out their Made Simple options.

Check them out for Halloween and everyday really!