Omni-Biotic Panda – Probiotic for Mother, Infant, or Toddler

image of box of Omni-Biotic Panda and one individual packet

Omni-Biotic Panda is a unique probiotic designed to support the mother’s immune system and intestinal health during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as to support healthy immune function and digestive balance in the infant/toddler.

Probiotics are “healthy bacteria.” It’s the bacteria you want, to make sure your gut health is functioning properly. The Omni Biotic Panda has three highly active bacterial strains which can be found naturally within the human intestine.

It comes in powder form in individual packets. It is best to store at room temperature. Pour the packet into a 4 oz glass of water and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Stir initially and then stir again after 10 minutes. It requires 10 minutes so the bacteria activation can occur. It works best consumed on an empty stomach.

Benefits of using probiotics:

  • supports proper immune function in infants/toddlers (add to breast or bottled milk)
  • maintains a healthy gut flora in infants to reduce the likelihood of digestive distress
  • supports the mother’s immune system during pregnancy and postpartum
  • supports a healthy gut flora and healthy gut barrier function in mother and infant
  • designed to alleviate symptoms associated with 3-month colic

Why use probiotics?

They help us digest our food, absorb valuable nutrients, destroy disease-causing cells, and produce important substances that allow our body to function well. Is it worth giving it a try if it potentially makes you feel better?

Why use Omni-Biotic Panda?


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