Riven Probiotic Mouthwash Review

image of a bottle of Riven probiotic mouthwash


Why would I use Riven mouthwash?

From the first rinse, I could tell that Riven Probiotic Mouthwash is a superior mouthwash.  The cool mint flavor was mild and pleasant, unlike other mouthwashes that may burn.

Riven has many benefits including:

  1. naturally sourced
  2. no artificial colors
  3. no artificial flavors
  4. no preservatives
  5. SLS free
  6. carrageenan-free
  7. paraben-free
  8. ph balanced
  9. vegan
  10. alcohol-free
  11. fluoride-free
  12. cruelty-free

It’s a healthier mouthwash combined with probiotics.

Why do we need probiotics in our mouthwash?

You need a good balance of good and bad bacteria.  According to the makers of Riven: “The overwhelming number of bacteria found in your oral ecosystem is beneficial. However, a tiny percentage of pathogenic bacteria can cause problems like tooth decay, gum inflammation, and tooth loss. As long as good and bad bacteria stay in balance, your oral biome remains strong and healthy.”

I would of course want to make sure I have healthy gums and teeth if it’s in my control.

Riven also donates 10 percent of its profits to Feed A Billion, a non-profit whose goal is to end food insecurity and prevent the exploitation of girls locally and internationally.

All the packaging is compostable, recyclable, and plastic-free.  Riven comes in a glass bottle and there is absolutely no plastic packaging. They care about the future by not using plastic.

Simply rinse for 60 seconds and spit out.  Check out and order Riven probiotic mouthwash.   If you’re not satisfied, let Riven know so that they can help you return or exchange the product, or receive a refund in full.