Wilton for Holiday Baking

wilton holiday baking

It is funny to me how I associate certain products with certain seasons. I grew up with Wilton baking products and, for some reason, I always think of Wilton around Christmastime.

What you see here is a selection of their products for Christmas. The folding cooling tray grid is basically a necessity if you’re doing mass baking. Throw the cookies on, let them cool, and move forward.

The icing set makes decorating cookies quite easy. They have everything set up like green cookies, red cookies, and white, so it’s just really squeeze and go.

And of course, they have the large baking sheet and cookie cutter set, so really everything you need to tackle Christmas baking.

My particular favorite though has to be the Ready-to-Build gingerbread house kits. I really have no time in my life to gather all the ingredients so whenever it’s one-stop shopping, I’d rather take that and run as opposed to building all the pieces.

Is this just me? Did you also grow up using one particular brand? I feel like I knew Wilton to be that brand that I would always use and trust, and look at just a regular baking sheet or the such as being secondary. What did you use for holiday baking when growing up?

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