One Up Bands

Working out can be just as fashionable as your Friday night out.  I am loving the great selection I was sent from One Up Bands!  These are non-slip, moisture wicking athletic headbands great to help your body beat the heat.  They have a great variety to choose from.  Their “non-slip” headbands keep all those stray hairs in place while you enjoy your run.  The inner band itself is soft velvet and the elastic is both strong and comfortable on you head.  Mine was so great and battled the windy boardwalk with no trouble!  These cost around $12.00 and come in such great colors, patterns, sports team logos, holidays and more.  I also really liked their “stretch bands” headband which was great for my treadmill time.  Honestly it may be the most comfortable hair accessory I have ever used.  These cost about $8.95 and are worth every penny.  They go into your hair so easily and stay put throughout your exercise!  Other options include “loopty loops”, “tie backs” and even fleece options!  You can even custom design your bands with your local team!
One Up Bands are totally made here in the USA and take a functional need to keep you hair out of your face a fashionable reality all while getting fit!  Please visit their website for more information:

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