Dole Mixations

I will pretty much do anything to get my kids to eat healthier both in school and home.  It is so hard though to keep track of what they take in while they are in the cafeteria and out of my eyesight.  I am thrilled beyond imagination that I found a great fruit-filled snack that both my picky eaters love and that I can love them eating.  Dole Mixations are these fantastic “fused” snacks that expertly combine applesauce and a fruit cup!  These 4oz cups are super easy to pack in both a lunch or snack bag (really they can go anywhere; grab a plastic spoon and toss in your tote!).  They contain ZERO high fructose syrup, no artificial flavors while being full of Vitamin C!  Four yummy flavors to choose from: Pineapple Peach Apple (peach-apple sauce with pineapple pieces), Pineapple Mango (pineapple mango sauce with pineapple pieces), Apple Strawberry  (apple strawberry sauce with apple pieces) and Apple Raspberry (apple raspberry sauce with apple pieces).  We tried all four and they are so yummy!  Both kids loved both pineapple and apple options and I can honestly say they were so full of flavor.  These are ready to scoop up for about $2.79 per 4 pack.  Please check them out and make sure you stock up for school:



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