Opopop Reinvents Popcorn

Opopop In such a unique popcorn experience it basically completely confused my husband. Opopop works off of two different styles of popcorn. This is popcorn which is not exactly how you might be used to popping popcorn.


These two methods of popping popcorn bring about the net result to make popcorn beyond just regular flavored popcorn. Yes, they do have your standard butter style but they have so much more.


What you see in the little packages are basically personal size units which are basically kernels surrounding a particular flavor. You flip them over and put them in their custom-made popcorn popper and within about two minutes you have the flavored popcorn. They come in some rather unique flavors and one of my favorites in this style was the Buddha which did have a nice Umani flavoring going on.

What you see in the photo above or one of the larger packets that is designed for a small family. This is an absolutely brilliant way to have flavored popcorn because each kernel is so perfectly covered there is really no room for error in terms of flavoring.


Overall, Opopop might have invented a better mousetrap. Each kernel is well-designed and the flavors do taste wonderful. In the past, I found making flavored popcorn a constant challenge because you could never balance the flavoring across all of the kernels.

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