Shift Edibles

Shift Chocolate brings premium hemp based delta 8 and delta 10 chocolates that you will adore.  These will instantly shift your mind and fix all that ails you.

What is the difference between delta 8 and 10?  Delta 8 is your go-to for relaxation, stress relief, diminishes pain and inflammation, promotes sleep, helps you unwind and is great for nighttime use.  Delta 10 will boost your energy, improve your alertness, boost your mood and help with focus.

We are enjoying their milk chocolate delta 8.  The flavor is bold chocolate with hints of caramel, cinnamon and spice.  They are very easy to use; start small maybe a half of a piece and see what works for you.  Allow an hour and see how you feel.  Delta 8 also comes in dark chocolate.  Same with Delta 10; both milk and dark available depending on your preference.  Each 12 pack will cost you $22.

These are wonderful for chilling after a hard day’s work, meditation, yoga, or just getting some much needed rest/sleep.  The quality is exceptional and carefully sourced.  We are very happy with the results and feel a perfect and much needed shift of our mind and body.  Where exactly were these at the start of this damn pandemic??

So glad we have them now; check them out for yourself!



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