Review: kitchenkite tea kettle

Ok I am in LOVE with my new glass teapot from kitchenkite.  It is like Christmas came early for this girl!  I love myself a nice cup of tea after a hard days work as part of my wind down routine.  It is also my go to the minute I feel some kind of illness coming on (and nowadays germs are all we talk and think about).

I have their Glass Teapot Set With 4 Double Walled Cups ($39.99).  This is a handblown glass teapot that has a stainless steel infuser.  You actually get tea samplers right in the box so if this is a gift for someone they are ready to go and brew immediately.  This is safe for your stove-top, microwave and dishwasher (WHAT???)  Oh.. and it is very easy to clean and doesn’t leak or spill as you pour it (like so many others).  I actually think it is such a nice presentation as well on your table while entertaining.  You simply must check their products out!

A little tip from this girl… start with jasmine tea.  It is just heaven in a cup.  Think “last minute gift” for someone on your list.  You can also grab this up on AMAZON.