Origami Owl

Origami OwlI love a customized piece of jewelry; the wonderful “Living Lockets” from Origami Owl are a perfect Mother’s Day gift or really any day gift for someone you love.  We are all so different; interests, children, food likes, sports, hobbies etc; it is so great to create a wonderful locket that you can build from the ground up and make truly your very own (or your favorite persons very own!)  I adore the process of making your locket: first off choose a “locket face and base”.  There are really great options from silver, gold, rose gold, heart shapes, small, large and more (I have the awesome “Floral Face With Swarovski Crystals” which I am getting crazy compliments on).  This is one of their new featured options by the way!  Next up you get to pick your awesome charms; so many great choices!  I have a gorgeous bracelet with my kid’s favorite sports, my wine glass and job related charms already so this time I am loving my “everything mommy/spring” locket.  Charms run you around $5-6.00 and they have so many choices you will for sure find 10 for your very own Living Locket.  For Mother’s Day choose from adorable birthstone hearts, ladybugs, watering cans, gardening trowels, flowers and so many more!  I have to say my locket channels my inner “green thumb” and I love it.  I feel like my true loves are close to my heart as I go about my day.  Origami Owl has come so far from their beginner days: celebrate your children, family, legacy, loves, career and even inscribe something dear to your heart.  Please visit https://www.origamiowl.com/ for more information and to make a purchase.



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