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My excuse constantly for not taking more vitamin supplements and drinking more healthy fruit and protein smoothies has always been time.  And convenience.  I am so happy to say I no longer have that excuse and can enjoy my favorite blended beverage on the go and at my desk at work!  My new Blender Bottles are the best!  The Blender Bottle ProStak is great for the workday.  So my fave feature is the “Stay Open Flip Cap” that doesn’t try to shut on my face while I am taking a sip and the fact that the opening is wide so when you add things (even ice cubes) the design is no challenge at all!  If you are following a diet or fitness regime, no worries the bottle is clearly marked by ounce and millilitre so you can accurately measure your drink!  The bottom of the cup has a handy-dandy screw off cup that makes it easy to tote your protein blend or any dry on your commute to enjoy once you get to the office/gym.  I am loving the added pill tray that allows me to stow my vitamins as well; everything I need is right in my cup and I have zero excuses to pick up that donut!  Oh: one more thing and I was at first a skeptic.  The “Blenderball” or wire ball in the bottom of the bottle totally whisks your smoothie into a frothy masterpiece 1-2-3 (no electric appliances needed)!   It really worked and I am so thrilled to try these great cups out!  Also be sure to check out their new SportMixer Signature Sleek model that portrays stylish designs (mine is clear with a super cool pattern).  A convenient loop on top makes it simple to attach the bottle to your bag or backpack.  This bottle also has the “BlenderBall” so this is a great bottle for either water or your blended beverage of choice.  IT is slightly slimmer and fits in most cup holders.  No matter which you choose this is a fantastic product and helping push my choices in a healthier direction! For more product info, styles and where to purchase head over to

blender bottle

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