GLO POP Teeth Whitening System

I’ve always wanted to work on whitening my teeth; none of the over the counter “strips” or “pastes” were really working.  I was thrilled to give the GLO POP teeth whitening solution a try! Such a user friendly process and boy did we notice a difference in just 10 short days.  I know; who has the time: but this literally is taking me seconds just 3 times daily.  All you need to do is apply the lip balm to lips and gums (if sensitive), open your g-pop gel vial and apply to teeth in a circular motion and allow to stay on teeth and disappear.  Can you believe this all you have to do a few times a day for 10 days? You can use the 10 day system up to 4 times per year to maintain your pearly whites.  I waited at least 20 minutes after application to eat or drink anything (literally this is the only rule).  To further maintain, make sure you grab their antioxidant whitening toothpaste in an array of flavor options or the super cool “Everyday GLO maintenance pen” ($25) to stop the stain before it starts.  GLO POP teeth whitening retails for around $89.o0 and worth every penny!  You can purchase by visiting (also check out their wonderful charity work and helpful blog).  GLO POP is also available on Amazon:  My number one complaint about the white “strips” was that they would always fall off and never really work.  So happy for this great solution that is really working for me!



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