Outer Spice Seasoning Blends

I am so thankful to have spice options to season my families foods without raising our blood pressure with all the excess salt and sodium that usually goes with it.  Outer Spice seasonings are filled with essential minerals and anti-oxidants; they are made from “15 of the finest quality herbs and spices on this planet”.  The are free of gluten and MSG which is perfect for the diet in my home.  I started reading up on the health value of spices as a natural remedy as I want to bring my house too much higher quality eating level.  I was thrilled to learn that an all natural spice actually cleanses your body and promotes circulation while also being a great source of vitamins and minerals.  My trying out the great spices from Outer Spice couldn’t have come at a better time.

There are 4 options to choose from: Original Low Salt (only 95 mg of sodium per serving a lovely blend of Himala sea salt, allspice, nutmeg, thyme etc.), Spicy Low Salt (we LOVED this for our recent weekend BBQ on chicken: cinnamon and cayenne kick it up a notch), Original, No Salt (I have already used this on salad, stir fry, and rice and I’ve had these for only a week: you can really taste hints of dill and cilantro) and Spicy, No Salt (take your foods to another level without a health risk: cayenne + dill = heaven).  I am now inspired to start creating my own rubs and marinades with these fantastic spice blends and I see many-a-dip in my football house’s future!  Oh, and the AWESOME recipes on their website will certainly wow your family too!  Each bottle is priced at $6.99 so this is perfect for any budget!  Please visit http://outerspiceit.com/store for more details and to purchase.  They are also available at select Whole Foods stores.


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