Cloud b Sportz Starlites

Perfect for the your little one who has a little bit of trouble with the bed time darkness, comes another wonderful product from cloud b.  This is so much more than a traditional nightlight; your child is treated to a ceiling sky of stars in three rotating colors.  My nephew absolutely loves the colors and the Sports Starlite kept him super busy until he fell asleep.  By day, your child’s room has great sports decor (options include baseball, football, soccer and basketball).  The light is really light weight and small so you can take it with you anywhere; travel, vacations, family events, grandma’s even the car!  The light show begins by a simple press of the button (my nephew LOVES being in charge of this and my sister-in-law loves that he enjoys beginning his own night-time routine now).  The stars glow in green, blue and red for 45 minutes and then shut off automatically.  Three AA batteries are included and it is really easy to change them.  This is a great baby gift for any expecting sports fan and a wonderful addition to the nursery.  In true cloud b fashion, the company brings the public real quality and soothing sounds and sights to help your child transition into sleep time.  Sleep is so important to our child’s health and wellness, and I will once again personally thank cloud b for bringing parents this innovation and help in the right direction.

Please visit for more information on the Sportz Starlite. 

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