Gnubees – The healthy snack kids love

We are a family that loves going out and about. But my children’s nutritional needs stay a top priority, even when I do not have my kitchen close by or time to provide a balanced lunchbox. That is why we rely on Gnubees to give our kids a balanced and delicious snack that will get them through the day.

Gnubees 4

Filled with clean and all-natural ingredients, your kids will love these pouches! And you will be reassured to know they are getting the very best. Filled with whey protein and fibers, Gnubees will give them energy without those dreaded sugar highs and crashes afterward. They are sweetened with honey and contain a third of the sugar amount of other brands. And since they do not contain any nuts, they are safe to bring to school!

I love that they are large enough to be a decent snack for my eldest, but still easily fit in my diaper bag. And you do not need to keep them cool! Which makes them amazing for our beach outings!

And if your child does not finish the pouch completely, you can just reseal it. The cap is leak-proof and your child can just finish it a bit later.

With plenty of different flavors to choose from, I am sure even the pickiest eaters will find a couple of these to their liking. My eldest adored the Mango Tango. But the Go Banana was a close second.

Why not try out a Sampler Pack for $17.50? You will get 3 flavors, 2 pouches each (6 pouches in total). Or you can get 12 pouches for $34.50 with the Rainbow Pack. Of course, you can also order them from Amazon, a pack of 12 will be about $40.00.

Believe me, you will be happy to give your child something they love eating that is good for them!