You, Me and Bees!

I am always on the lookout for a new awesome 100% all natural product.  Keep in mind that the holidays bring over-eating, over-spending and crazy quantities of germs.  These will all bring you and your immune system down.  Bee And You is a great company that brings you gluten free, non GMO, pesticide/colorant/preservative/additive free products for both you and your kids.  You will actually be preventing the cold and flu all the while boosting your energy!  I swear; I didn’t believe it either but after trying and researching I am so happy!  This company is contracting direct with bee keepers and saving the bees!  So before I tell you about a few items I am loving let us recap.  All natural, saving bees, boosting energy – how can you go wrong!

Royal Jelly Bee Pollen Propolis Tablets:   I am taking two of these tablets daily and boosting my immunity big time at work.  Side note; this product is also known to improve collagen (healthier skin) and improves concentration so basically a big wow!  A one month supply costs you around $17.00.

Bee Pollen Whole Granules:  here you are getting vitamin B, calcium, potassium, zinc and iron.  I put two heaping teaspoons in either my yogurt at lunch or my oatmeal in the morning.  It is super yummy and you are starting off your meal with some great added vitamins.

Seasonal Allergy Package: Ok this is truly a bundle of joy that literally every household need.  In this pack you get yourself propolis extract and nasal spray.  You can use the nose spray about 2 times daily and take about 10 drops a few times of day also.  I’m telling you we are using this in this house for me and the kids and I’m noticing a difference with my nasal congestion.

Propolis Royal Jelly: Like I said before; energy boosting and from hive to table (all natural).  High antioxidant content (thank you royal jelly) and a yummy taste you will adore.  I have been incorporating it into breakfast so that I start my day off the best way possible.  This will cost you about $25 for a little over 6 ounces.

Guys they are so many more products I didn’t even mention yet.  Lip balms, cough syrup, throat spray etc.  Please check them out.  So many awesome natural options out there.  Super refreshing to maybe not always jump to medications.  These items are available on CVS and Amazon for super easy shopping!

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