The Bug Bite Thing to Take the Sting Out of Your Summer

Summer is here and we are all starting to come out of our Coronavirus cocoons and venture outdoors, and the outdoors have never seemed greater.  Prepping for our first family outing to a local lake this past weekend, we all were feeling great and excited to “be in nature” as our three year old put it.  Once we got there, we quickly found that the bugs were also ready and willing to enjoy nature, as well as us!  We didn’t let that spoil our time because we had our handy Bug Bite Thing!

Compact and easy to use, The Big Bite Thing is an insect bite and sting suction tool that is reusable and safe even for use on kids.  It uses no chemicals and no cream, but quickly and painlessly suctions out the venom and saliva left behind by those pesky insects such as ants, bees, flies, and mosquitoes.  In under 30 seconds, and with simple suction, the itchiness, stinging, or swelling is alleviated as the irritant left behind by a bug bite or sting is drawn out from under the skin.  The cap is reversible to allow for coverage for larger or smaller bug bites.  For bee stings, the handles also act as a scraper to help get the bee stinger out.  I plan on having this on hand for any trip out “in nature” so we don’t have to let any tiny pests ruin our family memories!  Check it out and order one for your family at

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