Pamper Yourself With Eila Cherie!

Ladies – we have been through the ringer here.  Literally we have turned into “at home office professionals” meets “our kids new teacher” meets “24 short order cook”.  No rules, no bed times, no bueno!

I say, hop online quick and treat yourself to something special.  I would start with the wonderful accessories that Eila Cherie has to offer.  This company is a strong woman lead organization that inspires you to live boldly, have power and influence others to do the same!  What an awesome motto to have during these disturbing times we are living in.

Anyhow; back to the online shopping.  They offer quality handbags, watches, sunglasses and more!  I personally have the Melinda Watch and couldn’t be happier.  I want to mention first off the sleek style of this watch.  The face is not too big and not too small; perfect in my eyes.  The leather band is so soft and comfortable; not annoying like some other watches you wear and want to take off your wrist and throw across the floor by mid day.  You can literally wear it anywhere; casual or dressy and it will be your new bold accessory piece I promise you that!  Now here is the best part – it only costs about $48.00.  You do not have to spend a fortune to have a nice new addition to your collection!  The company actually offers you the best price and avoids all retail markup!  How awesome is that!

While you are on the site make sure you delve into their pretty handbags, shades and earrings.  The pricing is just spectacular and some of their new colors will blow you away!  Go for it ladies!  You deserve it!