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Busy moms like me put everyone else first before themselves.  What ends up suffering? Our skin, our sleep and our bodies in general (boy that prom dress pic haunts me).  PanOxyl are fantastic skin/acne products that my household was blessed with trying out!  You no longer have to wait for the entire, boring acne cycle to ensue; these products will help get the blemishes leave your life forever!  I am trying out their new product: 3% Advanced Acne Spot Treatment which truly fits our lifestyle.  This clever tiny tube fits perfectly in your purse or even wristlets!  If you see a blemish or the start of a blemish: just dab a dot on the spot and the breakout goes away!  Why treat your entire face for one spot? Why wait until you get home for your nightly face washing ritual when you can treat the issue on the go! I find the cream soothing; it does not burn the face like others and so far I love the power and the convenience of this product!  PanOxyl also has 10% foaming wash, a 4% creamy wash (for mild to moderate break outs) as well as a 10% cleansing bar. The creamy wash is super sudsy and I really feel my face is hydrated at the end of the night.  My husband is trying the cleansing bar; it is truly helping with some problem areas on his back.

So impressive that these products truly work without being a prescription!  Please visit for more information on the entire line and don’t forget to print the coupon they offer!  Lets take on the New Year with confidence and beauty!

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