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Calling all moms and dads looking for the perfect boy gift this holiday season: if your son is like mine, he will adore the great rocket/saucer and space themed toys from Aeromax, Inc.  The “Light Up Alien Invasion” flying saucer toy is  super easy to set up; just grab the launcher which comes installed with batteries (Yay!  A toy that speaks our language)  I recommend having lots of room to play outside (yard, field or park is ideal) because once you attach the saucer and pull the string, this baby launches up to 30 feet!  Check it out towards the end of the day also as it lights up beautifully; my kids loved playing with this and priced at $7.95 each this is a great add-on or stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday.  Aeromax Inc. offers an array of toys, launchers, rockets and “real career” dress up play perfect for your little one.  Also available are “Sky Blasters” perfect for kids 8 and up.  No batteries needed; these soar through the air to 120 feet and whistle on their way!  My kids have so much fun launching them and they get fresh air in the process!  Remember the parachute toy from when we were kids? Well I’m stuffing my kids stockings this year with the “Aeromax 2000”: totally tangle free parachute with nothing to assemble and no batteries required.  Simply toss in the air to watch it fly and its perfectly prices at $4.95.  Finally, “Sky Scrapers” are very similar to the Alien flying saucer toy soaring up to 100 feet and really easy to launch.  These are hours of fun outdoor play this holiday season!  To visit Aeromax’s website please visit:  Another great holiday shopping must!



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