PBS Kids: Daniel Goes To School

Perfect for your preschooler and from PBS Kids is Daniel Goes To School on DVD and soft cover book.  This book and educational DVD is perfect for children ages 3-7 and will hopefully help out with your childs “what happens when I go to school” anxiety.  I wish we had these when my older child started his first day!  In the adorable book adapted by Becky Friedman, Daniel’s dad drops him off at school for his first day.  When Daniel realizes his daddy isn’t staying to play, he worries: what will he do? will his dad come back?  Daniel soon learns that he will get to learn and play with his new friends and then before he knows it, Dad is back to build with blocks and take him home!  I love how at the end of the book Daniel recaps and has your preschooler look for items in the illustrations that start with a particular letter.  What a great way to keep the learning fun going!

The adorable DVD features 8 “GRR-IFIC Tales” with Daniel and the gang.  My daughter loved “Safety Patrol” when the class is treated to a field trip where they learn all about safety.  As a parent, I adored how each of these stories discussed wonderful lessons about school.  Whether it was about solving problems or how everyone has their own special job, they all had a true lesson to be learned.  Please visit pbskids.org for more information.  The book is available for purchase now; the DVD is available August 18 2015.



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