Caillou Goes Back To School DVD & Bonus Book

PBS Kids continues making the “Back To School” transition even easier with Caillou Goes Back To School DVD with Bonus Book.  As always, Caillou is learning new lessons and his wonderful family is part of the process.  He is truly a role model for our children; he has real concerns and learns real lessons all of our children can relate to.  This wonderful DVD includes four great stories each with their own unique adventure.   Caillou visits the library and takes his adorable sister Rosie to show her all around.  My children both asked to hit the local library after this episode!  Caillou teaches us how to play fairly with all our friends, coming up with a game that includes everyone’s interests!  (My entire house can stand to watch this episode 20 times or so! ).  As my family’s favorite season is fall, we all adored Caillou’s special field trip to an apple orchard (I can smell the apple pie I will be baking).  Finally, Caillou treats us to his wonderful artwork; this short episode sparked the creative bug in my children and now they are both doing arts and crafts.  I truly adore how inspiring this family is; it’s a wonderful gift to take time from the hustle and bustle and create some tried and true family memories.  Caillou reminds us of this.  Also on this DVD are printable coloring page and great features for parents.  Included with this DVD is the back to school bonus book; Caillou cannot wait to take the school bus like his buddy Sarah.  He doesn’t take the bus until next year but really wants to ride!

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Caillou Back To School

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