Peeled Snacks

peeledWe covered Peeled in our Top St. Patrick’s Day gifts story and they are definitely worth going more in depth. These products are each a go-to grab bag when your kid is driving you nuts and you need something safe and healthy. Just this morning, my daughter was making me pull my hair out about getting the bus.

Boom! Here’s the Berry Crunch Apple Clusters… was it a complete meal? Don’t ask me any questions! You’re lucky I came down the stairs without a shot of espresso.

I was happy that the snacks are all basically the simple ingredients so you don’t have to worry.

What’s in the Peas Please? It’s PEAS! Don’t ask me any silly questions at 7:00 am! How about the Mango? It’s Mango! Maybe you’re no following me here!

What? She’s late for Girl Scout Dance Crafting Whatever the Heck it is? I don’t care! Just take a healthy snack! I don’t need to read whether she should have one serving of an Oreo or not. Sure, eat the whole damn bag of Sea Salt Peas…. I don’t care! It’s good for you and I don’t gotta worry!

Let momma drink her espresso and go home! You’re in good hands now.

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