Redd’s Apple Ale

Looking for a weekend brew that isn’t the same old thing you always drink? I just tried the wonderfully refreshing apple/cranberry ale from Redd’s and I am super thrilled!  I am so not the beer drinker and I usually shy away from any type of ale as a result.  The cranberry on the label sort of intrigued me and I am so happy I cracked the top off.  This “limited pick” is the perfect apple flavor; it was carbonated and really crisp on flavor.  Redd’s brings us a variety of options such as apple, green apple, strawberry and the limited edition cranberry that I am speaking so highly of.  I have to say; it really doesn’t matter which flavor you pick up you will be as impressed with the taste and the quality as I am!   They are 5% alcohol by volume and at around 165 calories my favorite new beverage.  These are NOT just fall flavors; these are around to enjoy all year-long.  Please check them out.  They are truly a juice box for us mommy’s to enjoy!  For more information please visit  I am also thrilled to mention more fun flavors arrive soon as a part of their “Limited Pick” assortment for 2016!  Cannot wait to try them all!

Redds Cran 2 Redds Cran

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