Pony Dry

LADIES: our hair is involved.  Coloring, washing, conditioning, styling, straightening; it truly takes me hours.  Sometimes with work and the kids I adore a good shortcut to good hair.  I didn’t have to be asked twice to try out the Pony Dry this week.  Ok; so the deal with this ingenious product is that you don’t always have to wash your hair every day top to bottom.  Sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to just wash the roots.  This amazing shower cap just covers your pony/bun while you wash the rest of your cute head.  It took me just a few minutes to pop my hair into a pony and pop the soft sleeve on my pony, pull the cord and twist into a bun using the ultra convenient loop on the bottom.  A woman definitely invented this by the way.
The sleeve is made of polyester and I have to say after just one try I had it down to a science.  My pony did not even get a little wet and I pulled it off easily right after I dried the top of my head.  This is a game changer for the beach or even to just preserve your colored hair from the constant damage of daily washing and straightening.  Not to mention saving time if you work on your lunch break and do not have time to wash and dry your hair before returning to your cubicle.  These cost $20 per sleeve and can last months if you take care of it.  Just hang to air dry right in your shower after use!  Ooh, and they come in pink for a limited time (also in original black).  Go buy one!



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