Pop and Bottle Organic Coffee Concentrate

image of 3 variety bottles of Pop and Bottle organic coffee concentrate

Concentrated coffee makes life much easier in the mornings. I need to take my son to school, make breakfast, make lunch, and clean up. I barely even have enough time to get myself ready before work, much less make a pot of coffee. With this in mind, the idea of concentrated coffee by Pop and Bottle is perfect for me.

The Pop and Bottle organic coffee concentrate is made with natural ingredients, no added sugar, and is also vegan. The directions indicate you can make a perfect cup of coffee with one tablespoon. However, for people like me, I would strongly suggest using two tablespoons. The coffee can be made hot or cold. I prefer the iced latte myself. I tried the mocha, vanilla, and classic and all three were delicious. My favorite was the iced mocha with my added frothy oat milk. The coffee is a tasty and healthy alternative to other coffees out there. Once opened, it must be refrigerated. Other flavors I would like to try are matcha green tea and caramel.

This product is great for someone who is pressed for time or is always on the go. The super concentrate has a smooth, low-acid flavor. When mixed with milk it tastes like a latte. Try the suggested one tablespoon at first and adjust if necessary. It can be super strong if you add too much.

The packaging is very desirable and there are coffee recipes on the back of the bottle. The coffee contains 90 mg caffeine per tbsp. The company is founded by women. It is also direct trade. For more information, check out the Pop and Bottle website.