Portable North Pole is a magical gateway to Santa!

I really think my kids are going to go nuts tonight when they see their very own personalized video message from Santa!  I’ve done the whole “send the kid a letter and scare them into behaving” scheme year after year but this time it is actual magic.

Portable North Pole allows you to create and send really personalized (with pics!) video messages on the web, your phone or tablet.  You get a birds-eye view of Santa’s home, his reindeers and of course the busy elves!  With my magic pass, I am allowed to make some really cool “premium” videos perfect for Christmas Eve, my children’s birthdays and even celebrating Christmas around the world in different Countries!


For free you can customize up to 4 videos or purchase a one time premium video for $4.99 or even upgrade to magic pass ($13.99) for unlimited videos, calls, and bedtime videos from the big man himself!  There are also games for the kids to play right on the easy to download app (my kids loved having the elves say their favorite phrases in such cute little voices!)  This year I went for the kill with “Santa’s Big Book” video where he tells us all about my daughter in her own book within his huge library of all the children all around the world.  Wait until you check out the “Reaction Recorder” where you capture your child’s reaction to Santa’s personal message.  Using pic to pic technology you get a final video that you can keep for years to come!

New for 2017 is the PNP’s adorable toy line!  I need to mention here that they donate 5% of all online sales to children’s hospitals around the world.  Such a beautiful incentive to go premium this holiday season and while you help a sick child you get a lasting keepsake of your own home’s magic!  From the toy line we are checking out the “Do Good Elf” which comes complete with adorable messages from Santa, a passport from Santa’s Village and stickers!


We also received an absolutely adorable 3 Puzzle Pack featuring Santa, the elves and all the North Pole Magic.  I can’t wait to see my kid’s face in the morning when that puzzle pack magically appears at our home!  These videos are so well made and no detail is left out.  Please check them out and pick up a few Santa themed gifts as well!


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