Prato Botanico – luxury skincare made in Italy

My skin feels moisturized and softer after using the organic soothing day cream made by Prato Botanico. I love the products from this luxury skincare line made in southern Italy.    My skin tends to be dry in the cold winter so I have to constantly keep it hydrated.   I don’t like the smell of highly scented creams and I do tend to have sensitive skin so I need products that have a mild scent and are made for sensitive skin.  The soothing day cream is for all skin types and is light without a greasy feel and has a natural light scent.

Also, I love the shea butter and olive oil in the hydrating lip balm which helps my lips feel soft and supple.   In addition, my eyes felt firmer and less puffy with the renewing eye serum.  As we get older we need all the help we could get.  Keeping my skin moist and nourished helps with the inevitable signs of aging.    The products are certified organic, vegan friendly and free of toxins, parabens and GMO ingredients, and are ethically and sustainably made, and are cruelty free. It’s a great product with ethical sourced ingredients that support local farmers.  I love how it feels making my skin feel rejuvenated and radiant.  Check out Prato Botanico’s luxury line of skincare products and bring a small piece of beautiful Italia home to you.  

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