Prepping for Summer Parties

Summer Parties

It’s time to get the house ready for summer parties, and I wanted to get a mix of things that might help prepping for the big parties I want to have. Now that everybody is vaccinated.


As you can see, there are tons of new arrivals that should hopefully make your summer party slightly easier.


The tray itself is the ALPHA tray. It’s a sturdy platform perfect for delivering goods to and fro the kitchen. They’re even on sale for Prime Day with 50% off!


In the middle of the photo, you’ll see the Yummly, which is one of the best darn food Thermometers that I have seen. It’s not just a food thermometer but a smart thermometer which makes me slightly smarter while cooking. It connects to a free app on your phone which displays the current temperature of the meat and will alert you when the meat has reached its optimal temperature so the meat is always cooked to perfection.


Lemi Shine is an awesome cleaner for not just countertops but to get the party ready because I feel like we need to be extra sanitary during  Covid. I’ve used the products in the past and found it to be an effective cleaner in addition. I just like that it’s a really well-designed spray head you’ll see at the top.


Lastly, you’ll see Handzies, Biodegradable towelettes, which seem to be an environmentally friendly version of traditional wipes. They’re made with olive oil-based cleaner so they’re also good for the environment. Am I the only one trying to balance being clean with saving the environment?