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Anyone that has had a newborn knows how exhausting it is and how little sleep you get.  Add to that when you are trying to figure out breastfeeding, and life does not get any easier.  That’s why products for new moms that make nursing any easier are greatly needed and appreciated.  The following are some great products and ideas to add to a little basket for any moms-to-be that are sure to be welcomed and used.  I know I wish I had had some for my first kiddo!

The first that I could have definitely used is the Lansinoh “the Nursie” Breastfeeding Pillow.  It’s different from other pillows on the market because mom’s arm actually slides into it like a puffy sleeve, supporting mom in nursing from different holds and angles. It was created in 2015 by a mom who was having trouble nursing, so it was birthed from necessity and experience.  The pillow is very comfortable, with soft fabric on the inside as well, making sure your arm is just as comfortable as baby’s head.  Because it does not have to wrap around your midsection like traditional nursing pillows, it is comfortable for moms recovering from a C-Section.  I appreciate that it is so much smaller than other nursing pillows, so traveling becomes so much easier.  I also liked that it can be used not just by nursing moms, but anyone that feeds baby.

Lansinoh’s next product that is a must are the Washable Nursing Pads.  As a working mom, nursing pads saved many an outfit for me, and I like the extra waterproof layer inside the Lansinoh nursing pads.  The Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads are the absolute softest I have found, making sure that even sore nipples get the royal treatment.  I also liked that you did not have to worry about constant readjustment because the Lansinoh pads have a non-slip edge, accommodating for all the movement that moms have to do throughout the day.  One thing about washable nursing pads that was a pain is how they, like socks, seem to disappear in the wash.  However, Lansinoh dispels that frustration because their nursing pads come in a convenient wash bag to make sure you never have an unmatched pair again.

If you are a nursing and/or pumping mom, you know that every drop is precious, and we are proud of that.  Sometimes while nursing, or pumping, on one side, the other side leaks and that’s frustrating.  And, while baby is happily nursing, you don’t want the noisy pump going on next to the poor kid’s head, so what do you do?  The Lansinoh Breastmilk Collector is a great option!  It is made from soft, food grade BPA free silicone, so it is comfortable and easy to clean either by hand, top rack in the dishwasher, or in a steam sterilizer bag.  It comes with a lanyard for hands free use and prevent spills while switching sides.  The Lansinoh Breastmilk Collector fits all breast sizes as the silicone forms an air tight seal.

After abstaining for 9 months or more from alcohol, it’s always exciting going out for the first time with your friends.  As a nursing mom, it’s stressful because what if that one drink lingers and taints the next batch, even after a pump and dump?  UpSpring’s Milk Screen for Breastfeeding allows peace of mind for moms.  The test strips detect alcohol in breast milk in two minutes, so you know when you are good to feed baby or save what you pump.  These are probably the most important tests since the pregnancy test for new moms!

Finally, for those moms looking for some lactation support, UpSpring also creates the Milk Flow Lactation Cookies.  Have your cookie and eat it too as they have tasty flavors such as Double Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin.  They come in convenient individually wrapped packs of two cookies, so they are nice to throw in your purse or diaper bag.  They contain Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle which have been known to promote a healthy supply of milk.  As with any food product, just check ingredients if you have any allergies as they do contain Stevia, eggs, soy, milk, and wheat.

So, the next time a family member, friend, or coworker announces some joyous news, be prepared to pamper that pregnant mama with some goodies from the list!


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