Pumpkin Spice Pierogies

pumpkin spice pierogy

Today is National Pierogi Day, and shockingly we are up to our second story of the day on the subject. In fact, we get to kill two birds with one stone because we’re also covering the world-famous pumpkin spice trend. Mrs. T’s has come out with Pumpkin Spice Pierogies for a limited time. This is also coincidentally the 70th anniversary of Mrs. T’s Pierogies, so why not celebrate by having a traditional pumpkin spice pierogi?  (That was sarcasm.)

We’ve tasted them and they’re a cute mix of cream cheese, pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, and other spices. Yes, they’re amazing for a fall festival or for any of your friends addicted to pumpkin spice.

That said, unfortunately, this product is not available in stores at this time, so what you’re seeing is one of the few and only boxes out there. It’s an extremely limited edition for this contest, but we got to have the joy of having this limited edition, pumpkin spice pierogi. Go to their Instagram to see the contest.

We don’t normally list contests but this particular one was so unusual.  Has this pumpkin spice trend gone too far? Did you see our viral story on the Hefty Pumpkin Spice garbage bags? Is this a legitimate play or just as crazy?

What will you be doing to celebrate National Pierogi Day?  Will you eat pierogies until you explode? Did you read and study our Facts about Pierogies?