Top Vegetarian Supplements for Moms on the Go

When you have a subject like top vegetarian supplements for moms I should be cautious. To be very clear, we are not recommending supplements from the perspective of a nutritionist but from the perspective of a mom who is quite busy. My goal is to cover vegetarian supplements that do the job without having to lose my mind too much. Maybe I’m just a mom whose losing her mind with stress and doing all I can to keep moving forward!

If you’re thinking of vegetarian snacks, well that’s a different story for you.


And the award for the best looking supplement package is definitely MitoQ. Besides the fact that the packaging looks insane, the idea is that they help alleviate cell stress. Dude, I’m so stressed, my cells are stressed.  They recommend taking it for at least three months to see the effect. But if it’s targetting my stress based on the cells, maybe there’s a chance that it will help my overall stress from the ground up.

nourished plant powered


Nourished Plant-Based Power Stack

The first on this list is Nourished. This is their plant-powered supplement which is a great addition to any vegan or vegetarian diet or lifestyle. What makes this even more unique is that they have an online portal, and with a few questions they will personalize the vitamins for you and even 3D print the vitamins in stacks. This particular plant-powered personalized supplement is a quick and easy gummy which is a fast way to have a vitamin on the run.


PhytoLife Balance

Theralogix makes a vegan supplement in liquid capsule form called PhytoLife Balance. It gives you the additional iron, magnesium, and zinc that you might need to supplement your vegetarian diet. Some people do not prefer the gummy form, so this is another great way to supplement your vegetarian lifestyle. What I love here is that TheraLogix is very much pushing the research behind their product and the fact that it’s lab tested.

swanson gummies

Swanson Vitamins & Supplements

Lastly, let’s look at Swanson Vitamins. Now, I’ve heard of and have seen Swanson vitamins and supplements for a few decades as they started way back in 1969. What’s really interesting to me is that all of these are vegan. If you need a general multivitamin or want to supplement your life with melatonin as a sleep aid…then you’re set. They have a blue light supplement to help if you’re staring at the screen too long. Well, you get the idea, that it’s quite a collection.  Plus, these are gummies which makes it even easier to grab while being a busy mom.



Resb Lung Support

Resb Lung Support is a pro-biotic bacteria that focuses on lung health. How do these work?  They support specific fatty acids that support respiratory health.  At only $49 if you are a vegetarian with breathing or lung issues this might be a good connect for you.


bodybio guy 1
bodybio gut plus
BodyBio Gut +

BodyBio Gut + is another supplement looking to help give that boost.  Gut+ combines cutting-edge prebiotics + postbiotics to balance your microbiome and nourish your gut, no extra bacteria (probiotics) necessary. Designed to be your all-in-one gut health solution.  So the idea to help your gut without bacteria. The idea is to improve the ecosystem of your gut itself.   This in turn, helps your immune function, metabolism and in turn mood. 

To be clear,  I’m not saying which quality vitamins or supplements one should add to their vegetarian diet but I found these three options rather quickly and easily.  Two are gummies and one is a liquid capsule, so you can grab which you like. And remember, before taking any dietary supplements, you should talk with your healthcare providers regarding potential benefits, safety risks, recommended dosage, and duration of treatment.