Pumpkinheads Book Series

Who wants to add a great book to their child’s gift pile? Even better: a book that reinforces social emotional learning!  If you are like me, “Pumpkinheads” are completely the way to go.  There are 8 adorable characters (Carmin, Sage, Lulu, Ella, Danza, Cameron, Xavy and Peanut); each one has their own story to tell along with the amazing message of how great it is for our children to learn about our strengths and our difference all the while accepting someone else who may be different but also has some unique talents that makes them interesting and unique.  This is truly a family of books that warms my heart while my child reads them to me.  In “Peanuts Mistake” we explore the adorable tale of Carmin having to handle Peanut’s rule breaking behavior.  “Imagine” goes into how how great our imaginations are and how they can hold the power to change things as we know it.  Please consider checking out the “Pumpkinhead” series: http://www.pumpkinheads.com/bookstore/; plenty to choose from while still being a life lesson book series we are thrilled to expose our children to.  You will fall in love with these characters just as much as I did.  I love the lessons that your little one’s learn while they are reading away!

pumpkin heads 1

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